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Are you someone who lays in bed at night thinking that tomorrow you’ll get started? Here’s a great story from someone who did just that. Read her story then click the link below and get going.
Just wanted you to know how grateful I am that I went through the program over a year ago. I have kept all the weight off and have no problem with eating anything. I know how to eat better and do not lie in bed at night thinking "tomorrow I will start dieting". I like myself better and everyone says that I look better.
Recently I was in the dressing room at Macy’s to get a fancy dress for graduation (MS degree for my son) and I knew that his Mother in law would be dressed up , so, I did not want to look bad. Anyway, I digress. I was standing in front of a 3 way mirror in a size 10 (previously size 14), and a lady behind me said, "that looks great on you". I asked her if it looked too tight and she assured me that she would not have said it if it did not look great on me. I told her about my weight challenges and that I had worked with you. She said that she would email me as she lives in EDH and would like to know more about you. I did not hear from her again but hope that she found you.
Thank you so very much, you have changed my life

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