“Loving my new self.”

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Hey guys. Here’s Tina. Doesn’t she look great?

"Well, I did it. I started HCG at 181.2 in the 40 day plan. I’m now 150.6.
My goal weight is 150 even. I’m only .6 away. And I pray I lose that point 6 today in my first day of maintenance. So excited."
"Doing great!!! Loving my new self. Still the same weight since maintenance. I only weight 2x a week just to remain accountable. I have no plans of adding any starch for a few more weeks and will probably be so sparingly in my new life because of my sensitivity to it. I love all the emails. Printed them out. Have a binder of them so any recipes you send my way of your favorites please send. I will print and add to my binder. Any cookbooks you recommend I will get.
Thanks Myrnalyn for everything!!!!

"I understand now……my body doesn’t absorb sugar and starch like everybody else. Therefore I need to have a bit different diet and I pray I really have come to an acceptance of that and not just in denial….."
-Tina Engel, MFT
CCC Outreach Coordinator
Way to go Tina! I’m super proud of you. And don’t worry about coming to an acceptance of a different diet. It’s so easy and with an endless number of delicious recipes. You’ll be upset that you didn’t find this way of eating sooner.

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