Jennifer H

Jennifer H

lost 80 pounds

bywl: What were your weight challenges when we met?

JH: I was recovering from multiple major surgeries & yrs of steroids which caused extensive weight gain.   Lost a min of 40+ lbs until on your program!!!

bywl: How has Beyond Your Weight Loss program helped you?

JH: 1st) you as a friend/coach and your knowledge provided me with much support and needed help with continued progress!

2nd) The ALL food vitamins and supplements provided me with an even healthier lifestyle!   Also, with my choice to get off all prescriptions possible,; I saw and continue to see changes in health and even potential to get off thyroid supplement I’ve been on for 20 yrs.  Each blood test shows slow rise.  I hope In approximately 1 more yr or so I may be able to get off that prescription as well!

3rd)  I have gone from 21 prescriptions to only 4 “lifers”.  A blood thinner/nerve treatment rx/lido derm topical patches to help spasms!

4th)  Life is full of struggles!  It’s about always learning from those experiences and finding positive in every negative no matter the challenge.   MY novel I’m writing is a bout exactly that!

NEVER compare any 2 people’s experiences.  We each have a history,  story, journey, and individual coping skills.   It’s how those experiences have affected each person as an individual!   You provide and will continue to provide individual advice and coaching! !!

**You are a phenomenal person and coach for each persons “story/journey”!!!

bwyl: What if any concerns or fears did you have when you started the program?

JH: I am VERY determined but even those that slip can make up for it in no time!!!!

If they struggle it’s not about getting down on themselves for that but overcoming 1 more challenge!   You are always available to help them each through those times!

bywl: How much have you lost?

JH: Total I have lost appx 120lbs.  Appx 80 of that with your program!  Biggest challenge due to personality and tendency to forget to eat.  With your advice,  I have accomplished that as well!!!

**Silly but setting alarms to remind me to eat when lifelong preoccupation with life and making self available to help others while working HARD to reach now new goals since forced retirement after 16 yrs; & catching up for last 8 yrs simultaneously is great challenge.   Add personal recent losses and friends in desperate need of help has been great challenge.   Yet I know you are and will continue to be there to help.

Further,  you offer ongoing advice to help people through common challenges like holidays and healthy meal/recipe ideas.

bywl: How confident are you, that with my coaching, you have control of your weight in the future?

JH: a few more lbs to go but hopefully with workouts will come back easier!  Mostly muscle rehab around dead muscle and nerves!!

“Life” is full of surgeries and garbage but I BEAT paralysis! !!  Find positive to compensate for those negative frustrations and life losses and frustrations!

**You are always there for those moments and understanding amazing! !

bywl: What can you share that would help others realize that they too can have control of their weight issues?

JH: NEVER give up/give in!  Fight for what you want!  Make health a priority and ALWAYS KNOW you CAN DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING you set your mind to!  Set backs happen but overcome and get right back at it.  You’ll get there if you can find that fighter spirit we all have! !

**A very brief and temporary testimonial to date.  Will be much more detailed once completely there!  Thank you, Myrnalyn!   You are phenomenal coach and person!!!


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