The Two Greatest Dangers of Spring

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Just when you thought it was safe to emerge from your Igloo, you may have to confront these two common dangers.
1) Seeing your self in the mirror with your swim suit on. Ha ha, don’t worry, we have you covered (pun intended). In 40 days you can go from not to hot. Here’s how
2) Lyme Disease. Yes, those pesky little Ticks are almost everywhere, and Lyme Disease is no joke. Following is a story from Devon of All Natural Ideas that explains how Stevia may help. BONUS!!! Stevia is a mainstay for my weight loss and maintenance programs

Lyme Disease Treatment Using Stevia
February 24, 2016 By Devon at
Are conventional antibiotics the best treatment for Lyme or chronic Lyme disease? A natural Lyme Disease treatment using stevia may be better.
Many of us suffer from the bacterial infection of Lyme disease. It is not very difficult to have a small tick land on you and infect you. I live in the woods. I enjoy being outdoors. I have had Lyme disease three times. All times I went on the antibiotic doxycycline.
Although my infection symptoms cleared in the usual time, the antibiotic may have done more harm than good. It certainly weakened my immune system. And, it could have led to more antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In fact, my last Lyme outbreak may not have been a new occurrence but a dormant strain coming out. Lyme disease never really leaves you entirely.
Luckily, there are natural solutions to help prevent and treat Lyme disease. A few of these methods have already been discussed here. However, I recently read that Lyme disease treatment using stevia may actually be a better option than the conventional antibiotic and previous natural methods.
What makes Lyme disease difficult to treat is the many forms it comes in. The most common forms are spirochetes, spheroplast (or L-form which lacks a cell wall), round bodies or cyst form (which allows for dormancy and escaping PCR detection), and highly antibiotic-resistant biofilms.
Some forms can be easily treated with one type of antibiotic but not treated with another form. If the less effective antibiotic is used it leaves behind bacteria that become immune to antiobiotics. These bacteria then become known as antibiotic-resistant bacteria or superbugs. When such bacteria emerge the need for stronger antibiotics comes about. Stronger antibiotics makes even more resistant bacteria. The cycle continues and we continue to poison and harm our body.
Natural Lyme Disease Treatment Using Stevia Leaf Extract
So how can we naturally fight this disease without causing stronger strains of the bacteria? New studies show promises in the world of Stevia. A study by the University of New Haven showed promising results of Stevia to combat Lyme disease. Normally, Stevia would not be seen as an antimicrobial agent. However, several components contained in the leaf extract have shown antimicrobial properties. These phytochemicals are able to combat the bacteria when ingested.
What are the these magical components found in stevia? Here’s a direct quote from the study:
“The leaf extract of Stevia possesses many phytochemicals, which include austroinullin, β-carotene, dulcoside, nilacin, rebaudi oxides, riboflavin, steviol, stevioside, and tiamin with known antimicrobial properties against many pathogens [40, 42, 43]. The role of these compounds is mainly to protect the plant from microbial infection and adverse environmental conditions [38–43].”
The results of the study show that Stevia was most effective in treating the most antibiotic-resistant forms of Lyme disease. Conventional antibiotics caused this strain to gain mass and strengthen. H0wever, the preclinical trial showed Stevia to reduce the mass by 40%. Stevia also proved more effective on all other strains of Lyme versus conventional antibiotics.
Although studies are still young and sparse, there are some promising hopes that Stevia can make a great alternative to conventional antibiotics. Stevia is natural and is beneficial to the body. Antibiotics are man-made and can cause greater harm than good on both the person and the Lyme strains. Consider implementing Stevia if you are suffering from chronic Lyme or a fresh round of Lyme. The brand of stevia used in the study was Nutramedix.

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