You have a 1% chance to reach normal weight – whaaat?

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This is according to a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health.
The study was done with over 176,000 men and women over 9 years of data!!
So let’s make sense of this…..First of all…..Anything over 29.9% BMI is considered Obese!!!
So that means if you are 5” 3” and you are 169 pounds or heavier you would be considered obese, not overweight…obese.
If you are 5’ 5” and over 179 pounds you would also be considered obese!
If you are 5”8” and over 196 pounds you would be considered obese!
So the study is saying that LESS than 1% of these examples above will ever reach their normal weight.
So If you are 5’ 8” you have less than 1% chance of weighing 164 pounds or less,
If you are 5’5” you have less than 1% chance of weighing 150 pounds or less, and if you are 5’ 3” you have less than 1% chance of weighing 141 or less.
But wait, the news gets even worse. At least 50% of patients who managed to achieve only a 5 % weight loss were shown to have regained the weight within 2 years!!
(psst… what if you learn how to be a Fat Burning Machine?)
So what the study concluded are two things!
1. That current nonsurgical obesity treatment strategies are failing to achieve sustained weight loss for the majority…meaning….surgery is the drug of choice…YIKES!
2. And that the treatment that is being used by the obese population focusing on calorie restriction and increased physical activity do not yield any clinically significant reductions in body weight.
How depressing right….But wait a minute…..
This is also what I have been saying all along!!!!
The Calories In, Calories Out theory does not work for most people who have long term weight issues.
Our bodies are broken by the damage done by “long term” insulin resistance and over-consumption of sugar. Ahhhh… you say you don’t eat sugar, right? Any carbohydrates like pretzels, popcorn, whole grain crackers and breads to the more obvious things like cakes, cookies, muffins, sodas, specialty coffees and of course candy all make your body produce more insulin to lower the blood sugar!!
My clients tell me all the time about how their fasting blood glucose levels on their last blood tests are what they think is the safe range. Most people have no idea the amount of insulin their body is pumping out just to keep those blood sugars in the safe zone. There is much more to this than meets the eye, but once understood, it is much easier to gain control of than you have been lead to believe.
Many of you have heard me rant and rave about insulin, so you may already know that insulin is the king of all fat storing hormones. The more insulin you produce, the more fat you store. Even if you are hardly eating anything and you are working out like a mad man or woman, you get nowhere or even gain more weight.
Do you know that ALL you need to do is lower your insulin production and your body will start to burn fat? If all you do is just reduce your intake of “sugar producing” carbohydrates, your body will respond by burning your own fat. A big side benefit of this is that you start to also lose your cravings for foods that raise your blood sugar and insulin production. It is a win-win for all!!
This means that just by changing what you eat you can lose weight, albeit very slowly, but some people are happy with that. Unfortunately, slow weight loss is another reason for many people giving up their weight loss journey. They feel they will never realize their dream of ever being a ”normal” weight. And that starts the cycle all over again.
Our focus is on two things…..
Getting the weight off as quickly, safely and simply as possible.
More importantly, KEEPING IT OFF by educating you on how easy and enjoyable a life time of maintenance can be by eating delicious food while your body heals. We help you become Insulin sensitive NOT insulin resistant. This can take time but who cares, you are eating foods you never thought imaginable all the while maintaining your weight and health.
Bottom line. This was never addressed in the study because the researches are lead to believe that a calorie is a calorie, and no wonder conventional calorie in/calorie out diets don’t work. Duh!!!
You do not have to be a statistic of "less than 1%". We help people every single day reach a weight loss goal they never ever thought was attainable and then, better yet, open them up to a whole new way of eating that would have seemed forbidden to them before!!
Are you ready for real weight loss?

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